After spending 17 years in the unstable science/biotech industry here in Michigan, I decided to follow in my father's footsteps and pursue my passion for food.  

Smokehouse Garden Foods, LLC was created to bring premium, all-natural products to the marketplace.  The salsa recipes were perfected to be unlike any other fresh salsa on the market.  Organic roma tomatoes were chosen for their low water content.  Have you ever noticed that most fresh salsas are super watery?  Then you'll see why I chose romas over other varieties.  The signature subtle smokiness comes from a unique blend of spices that gives the salsa a complexity not found anywhere else.  The organic coconut palm sugar was chosen for it's low glycemic index.  Only a small amount is used to balance the acidity from the key lime juice.  There are also no preservatives, including citric acid.  While citric acid sounds like it is a naturally occurring product, large scale, mass production of citric acid bears little to no resemblance.  It is widely used in most commercial salsa recipes.  All of this combines to make an all-natural, preservative-free premium product that stands above anything else on the market.

Smokehouse Garden Salsa is truly a Michigan Made product.  From the produce to the labels and containers.  All are proudly sourced from Michigan-owned companies.  The tortilla chips that are sold in tandem with the single-serve sizes are from the La Michoacana tortilla factory in Mexican Town Detroit.